Your car-sharing solution

The Optimum Mobility car-sharing solution allows you to better size your car fleet. With fewer resources, you cover the mobility needs of your employees, reduce the overall cost of your fleet and, de facto, its carbon impact.

The platform of reservation

... via the web

Accessible from any terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone), it allows users to search for and reserve the self-service vehicle corresponding to their mobility needs in a few clicks.

  • Single or recurring reservation
  • Reservation dates
  • Type of vehicle required
  • Number of passengers
  • Estimated mileage
  • Reservation schedule to come

... via the mobile application

Dedicated to the users of the car-sharing solution, it is totally interactive with the web platform. It allows, not only to book and manage reservations (modification, cancellation), but also to open / close the doors, to establish the inventory of fixtures and to declare an incident

  • Vehicle reservation
  • Reservation management
  • Opening/Closing of doors
  • Vehicle condition reports
  • Incident Report
  • Parking lots (distance and price)

Key management / door opening

The Optimum Mobility car-sharing solution offers different technologies for key management and door opening. Whatever the case, access and return of the vehicle are thus facilitated.


An RFID badge reader is placed on the windshield of the vehicles. The users, equipped with their access badge (nominative or not), identify themselves in order to start the reservation and open the vehicle doors.


Using his smartphone and the dedicated mobile application, the user transmits a door opening order to the vehicle which is executed after checking its validity.

Key cabinet

An RFID badge reader is placed on the windshield of the vehicles. The vehicle keys are placed inside a connected and secure key box. The user enters his confidential code (communicated with his reservation confirmation) to retrieve and return the key of the vehicle concerned.

La platform management

As the nerve center of your carsharing system, the management platform allows you to set up the carsharing service according to your wishes and monitor in real time the activity in order to be able to act if necessary.

  • Carsharing functionalities can be configured according to the organization's preferences
  • Management of vehicle pools
  • Access and reservation rights management (managers, supervisors, users)
  • Filterable calendar by pool, reservation status and dates
  • Incident management and vehicle immobilization
  • Management of emails and SMS notifications to users
  • Dashboard and statistics
  • Status of current reservations

Optimum Mobility Carsharing:
an award-winning and appreciated service

The Optimum Mobility solution was awarded the 2ème price
of the Trophées de l'Automobile & Entreprise in the category
 "New mobilities".

Our customers are talking about it!

"Carsharing is integrated into our intranet, the driver does not need to connect to another tool to reserve a vehicle. Drivers use the smartphone with the carsharing module and are completely mobile. This car-sharing tool will help us to adapt the size of the fleets according to usage.

Stéphane NAJAS - Fleet Manager
Banque Populaire du Sud