Sharing of journeys

Carpooling has found its place in companies. As a complement to car-sharing, or on its own, the Optimum Mobility carpooling solution allows you to satisfy your employees' need for mobility for their business trips and their home-to-work journeys.

The platform of reservation

... via the web

Accessible from any terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone), it allows users to propose, search and book carpooling trips. Either in the private vehicles of employees for home-work trips, or in the company's car-sharing vehicles.

... via the mobile application

Totally interactive with the web platform, it allows you to propose, search and book trips, even in a mobile situation

  • Searching and booking trips
  • Proposal of routes (unique, recurrent...)
  • Manage past trips (delete, view)
  • Management of current trips (modify, cancel)
  • Management of passenger requests
    (accept, refuse)
  • Profile management
    (driver, passenger, vehicle)
  • Personal statistics

La platform management

Define carpooling rules within your organization in a few clicks. Manage users and view detailed statistics to optimize your carpooling tool over time.


  • Access and publication rights management (managers, supervisors, users)
  • Setting up the carpooling features according to the organization's preferences
  • Carpooling operating rules: monetization of trips, automatic or manual acceptance of passenger requests, proposal of a charter and GTC
  • Management of emails and SMS notifications to users


  • Dashboard of carpooling in the company
  • Statistics and activity report: criterized list of users, statistics on use, reservations, trips, CO2 and fuel saved...
  • Instant or periodic reports

Optimum Mobility Carpooling:
an award-winning and appreciated service

The Optimum Mobility solution was awarded the 2ème price
of the Trophées de l'Automobile & Entreprise in the category
 "New mobilities".

Our customers are talking about it!

" We use Optimum Mobility car sharing intensively and will very soon offer our employees car sharing for their home-work trips. Beyond the undeniable gains in purchasing power for our employees, Optimum Mobility carpooling will allow us to facilitate access and parking in our branches and to better meet our CSR requirements ".

Stéphane NAJAS - Fleet Manager
Banque Populaire du Sud