Manage your business expenses? A fuel card for all stations? Sustainable mobility package and mobility credit?

Mobility Pack is the solution for all your needs!

Business expense management

Mobility Pack lets you manage and pay for your employees' business travel. No more expense claims to enter! All expenses are grouped together within your management platform. You can monitor expenses directly, and modify expense limits. Mobility Pack payment cards can be configured according to purchase categories, merchants, days and times of use, and locations.

Each transaction is automatically filled in using the T Mobility Pack card: amount, date, supplier, type, location. This data is 100% reliable and tamper-proof: once the expenditure has been made, the employee takes a photo of the receipt.
Mobility Pack payment cards can also be configured according to purchase categories, merchants, ceilings, days and times of use, locations....

You can block or activate a card instantly with one click.

Fuel card and electric recharging: fill up on advantages

Mobility Pack displayed at the pump, with no commissions or management fees, and no need to pay in advance!

You control the ceilings as well as the authorized spending days.

Sustainable mobility package...

for trips made in soft mobility (or active modes: bicycle...) or modes alternatives (carpooling...)

The Sustainable Mobility Package allows companies to provide employees with a tax-free budget of 700 €/year/employee (or 800 € including the transport bonus) for commuting. 

The Sustainable Mobility Package applies to the following modes of transportation: 

Bicycle and electric bike
Rental of shared electric scooters
Rental of shared electric scooters
Car-sharing with electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen vehicles
Public transportation (tickets or pass)

Mobility Credit

The mobility credit is a benefit in kind for employees who partially or totally replace their company car.

A sum of money (between €1,200 and €10,200) compensates the employee for giving up the car (or adopting a smaller, electric company car) and enables him or her to finance personal travel.