To make effective and lasting changes

Opt for a win-win solution!

For your company

  • Better tracking of costs (TCM) and carbon footprint
  • Fleet reduction / electrification  
  • Productivity gains for your managers  
  • Urssaf & fiscal compliance (VAT)   
  • Analysis and reporting tools  
  • Monitoring of categories and authorized expenditure limits
  • Accounting extraction
  • Module of organization of challenges...

For your employees

  • They easily find the services of partners where and when they need it. In a dematerialized way, without going through counters and queues  
  • They no longer have to pay in advance, pay directly with the Mobility Pack Card
  • No more expense reports for cab, parking, and public transport
  • They use up their Sustainable Mobility Package or Mobility Credit with a perfect visibility on expenses and available balances

For the planet

  • Mobility Pack offers you an analysis of the environmental impact of your employees' journeys
  • Organize "green challenges" within your organization
  • By favouring alternative means of transport, your employees actively contribute to the preservation of our environment